What is TeamPrint®?

TeamPrint® is a world-class behavioral assessment tool within Wendal® built to analyze role fit and create high-performing teams. Validated by principles in industrial-organizational psychology and mathematics, and tested in real-world settings, TeamPrint® gives you evidence-based data and actionable results instantly.

Teamprint Results

TeamPrint® Profiles

Maximize Output and Culture

TeamPrint’s® results represent core behaviors and mindsets that are innate and unlikely to change significantly over time without a significant, transformative life event. TeamPrint® allows you to find people and pair them with roles that are more naturally intrinsic so that they feel more comfortable doing what is asked of them and are energized by their peers and surroundings. Once you’ve harnessed their natural behavior, you will maximize their work output and improve your culture.

TeamPrint Traits

Foundational Traits

The Foundational Traits include Leadership, Social, Reaction, and Technical. It is the combination of these traits that determines the TeamPrint® profile. When looking at distinct Profiles, our goal is to view them through the lens of their Traits. The more you can do this, the more you can focus on what organizational components you lack and which Profile, or set of Traits, will fill the appropriate gaps to round out your team.

Enrichment Traits

While the Foundational Traits comprise the profiles, the Enrichment Traits exist on their own. They tell more about who you are as a person and less about whom you are as an employee. We measure your personality to add nuances to each Profile about natural tendencies to add context to your results.

Enrichment Traits

An assessment that is fair and is free of adverse impact.

When creating the TeamPrint® Profile Assessment, a very important goal was to create an assessment that did not result in adverse impact on the basis of gender, race, and age. Consequently, an analysis was undertaken to determine if any of the final items under consideration resulted in differences based solely on gender, race, or age. Using effect size as a guide, all items produced effect size values (partial eta squares) between .00 and .06, which is considered to be a small effect size (Green & Salkind, 2014). Said another way, no items produced effect sizes of even a medium effect. Size consequently, it can be proclaimed with confidence that none of the items in the TeamPrint® Profile Assessment result in significant adverse impact among gender, race, and age.