What is a Operator?

Operators are patient, reserved, and relaxed team players that like consistency in the workplace. They excel in positions with prescriptive tasks and work very well with others. Consider hiring Operators for organizational, analytical, technical, and internal-facing roles. 



Potential Pitfalls



Decision Making

Action & Risk

Foundational Traits of an Operator

Leadership - Team Player

Being a part of a team is very important to you. You enjoy participating with others more than 80-90% of the world

Social - Cordial

You have a healthy balance between wanting some alone time and having social interaction. In your particular case, alone time is more important to you.

Reaction - Calm

Patiently digesting and analyzing things is very important to you. You are more patient than 80-90% of the world.

Technical - Precise

You have a healthy balance of wanting a general perspective on things and knowing the details. In your particular case, knowing the details is more important to you.

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