Fast Data Collection

In 10 minutes or less our TeamPrint® behavioral assessment can give you a better understanding of your employee.

Document Collection

Hiring is tough, Wendal® can help identify core traits that assist in aligning employees with the right teams.

Data Analysis

Our API can quickly connect to platforms like PowerBi and Tableu to provide you with a rich data experience.

Decisive Outcome

Wendal® will help build better teams and create less risk, allowing organizations to reinvest in things that matter.
Wendal® Removes Any Bias To Create An Even Playing Field
Wendal® is available to anyone, anywhere in the world. That accessibility alone helps remove some bias from the process. When combined with our proprietary technology TeamPRINT®, your organization is no longer looking at race, religion, or ethnicity. You are looking for profiles and traits to qualify your candidates.
TeamPrint® was a quick and very insightful tool for my team to use to understand how the traits and nuances of the individual team members comes together to form the whole team. With that information we were able to make some easy changes that has really helped the team energy and overall culture.   Michael D P&G Ventures