Employ Wendal to analyze and discover traits about your employees that foster growth and civility in the workplace. Build your business better through science.
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How it works
Fast Data Collection
In 10 minutes or less our Team Print behavioral assessment can give you a better understanding of your employee.
Document Collection
Hiring is tough, Wendal can help identify core traits that assist in aligning employees with the right teams.
Data Analysis
Our API can quickly connect to platforms like PowerBi and Tableu to provide you with a rich data experience.
Decisive Outcome
Wendal will help build better teams and create less risk, allowing organizations to reinvest in things that matter.
What is Wendal?
Wendal Creates Opportunities for Breakthrough
Building great Teams is very hard in today’s business landscape; therefore, we created a tool to make this easier, called TeamPrint®. TeamPrint® is our world-class behavioral assessment tool built within Wendal to analyze role fit and create high-performing teams. Validated by industrial psychology, mathematics, and real-world testing, TeamPrint gives you consulting-level data and actionable results instantly.
TeamPrint was a quick and very insightful tool for my team to use to understand how the traits and nuances of the individual team members comes together to form the whole team. With that information we were able to make some easy changes that has really helped the team energy and overall culture.
Michael D
P&G Ventures
Wendal Can Innovate Your Hiring Practices
Hiring and vetting are done mainly through resumes, phone interviews, pitches, and more. There is a growing disconnect between what people show on paper versus who they truly are. Too many are overlooking the necessary data and training required to meet the organization’s goals and eventually build the right teams. Supplement your gut instincts and past experiences with real and equitable data to help ensure you make fair decisions and add the right people to your team.
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