What is an Organizer?

One of the Balanced Profiles, an Organizer is a social and composed companion with an efficient, precise work ethic.



Potential Pitfalls



Decision Making

Action & Risk

Foundational Traits of an Organizer

Leadership - Team Player

Being a part of a team is very important to you. You enjoy participating with others more than 80-90% of the world.

Social - Friendly

You have a healthy balance between wanting some alone time and having social interaction. In your case, social interaction is more important to you.

Reaction - Purposeful

Taking immediate action on all things is very important to you. This is more obvious than 80- 90% of the world.

Technical - Exact

It is very important for you to be accurate and to know the details. You want to know the details more than 80-90% of the world. 

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