What is a Disrupter?

Disruptors are accurate risk-takers who are impatient and always looking to create the next big business or industry. Not only are they natural leaders with the heart of a champion, but they are also social and have an impressive ability to inspire those around them. They can adapt well to sales, operations, project leader, and business development roles.



Potential Pitfalls



Decision Making

Action & Risk

Foundational Traits of a Disrupter

Leadership - Champion

Taking charge and moving forward is important to you. You want to take charge more than 80-90% of the world.

Social - Friendly

You have a healthy balance between wanting some alone time and having social interaction. In your case, social interaction is more important to you.

Reaction - Purposeful

Taking immediate action on all things is very important to you. This is more obvious than 80- 90% of the world.

Technical - Accurate

You have a healthy balance of wanting a general perspective on things and knowing the details. In your particular case, a general perspective is important to you.

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