What is a Mingler?

Minglers are casual, entertaining, and persuasive extroverts. They tend to be accurate workers and patient companions. Minglers can thrive in sales, internal-facing, marketing, client-facing, and public communication roles.



Potential Pitfalls



Decision Making

Action & Risk

Foundational Traits of a Mingler

Leadership - Companion

You have a healthy balance between wanting to be a part of a team and taking charge. In your particular case, being a part of a team is more important to you.

Social - Outgoing

Socializing is very important to you. You are more social than 80-90% of the world.

Reaction - Composed

You have a healthy balance between taking immediate action on all things and patiently digesting things. In your case, patiently digesting things is more important.

Technical - Accurate

You have a healthy balance of wanting a general perspective on things and knowing the details. In your particular case, a general perspective is important to you.

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