If Han Solo & Chewbacca took a personality test.


A look at this dynamic duo and the power of trust and complementary skillsets of a Disruptor (Han) and Artisan (Chewbacca) 

I love Star Wars, the depth of the characters and the variety in all the media content they have is astounding. What I find very interesting is the dynamic duo’s they put together are almost never 2 of a kind, they are always more in the ‘opposites attract realm. Consider C3Pos nervous, risk averse behavior vs his counterpart R2 who literally flies on top of an X wing in major battles. Anakin Skywalker, very impatient and emotional paired with the Zen nature of Obi Wan Kenobi. Chirrut Imwe and Baze Malbus- 1 a religious Jedi follower and the other a loyal warrior simply sworn to protect him or finally DinJarrin of The Mandalorian and Grogu (baby Yoda). Star Wars is known for duos, and it seems opposite attract and I wonder if this would work in real life so I’m going to compare my favorite Star Wars Duo Han Solo & the Mighty Chewbacca to myself and my partner at work, Joseph Wendt. 


Using our Teamprint® Assessment, we collect data from 175 questions that are meant to be used to self-describe a person’s strongest, and most natural behaviors. These include Leadership, Extroversion, Patience, technical, Conscientiousness, Awareness, Emotion, Honesty, as well as a few other derived data points which awards medals for Honesty, Emotional Intelligence and Grit. The combination of the output creates a simple bite sized profile name for each person that takes the assessment: I was labeled the Disruptor (Han Solo) and Joe by dynamic duo was labeled an Artisan (Chewbacca). 


Here is what our Teamprint® says about Disruptors: 

· High Leadership, very impatient (or proactive), somewhat social, low attention to detail 

· Unique trait is quick to act, in fact anticipation is tops amongst all traits 

· Ambitious, assertive 

· Gets energy from taking charge and getting things going 

· Breaks, changes, or does thing their own way 


Here is what our Teamprint® says about Artisans: 

· Medium Leadership 

· Love to analyze before reacting 

· Somewhat introverted (Joe is gruffy at times) 

· Very hands on

· Very technical 

· Broad interests 


I promise you are first work encounter was not good, it was going to take work to get below Joe’s Gruff Exterior to unlock our full potential. Not unlike when Han first met Chewy in a pit when they were both captured, Chewy literally almost killed Han. I can relate Han! 


Now, Let’s take a look first at Han Solo, the Disruptor: 

  • Self-Reliance – (he’s a scoundrel making his way through the Galaxy) 
  • Confidence – almost borderline overconfidence, the famous line when Leia finally says “I love you” Hans’ reply? “I know” 
  • Leadership – despite being a reluctant leader Han does become a General of the Republic and pilots his ship the Millennium Falcon to score a victory against the Empire. 
  • Nonconformist – Han does things his way, on his time whether it’s how and who he smuggles for, or the people he hangs out with (bounty hunters and other rim scum) 
  • Proactiveness – Han shot Greedo first (its controversial but he did, and any great Disruptor is always first) 


Now, Let’s look at Chewbacca, the Artisan: 

  • Technical Skills – He is often seen repairing and maintaining the millennium Falcon (reminds me of Joe doing 10% of our technical IT infrastructure in our office 
  • Problem Solving – Chewy does not always have the right tools to fix whatever Han broke but he is resourceful anytime he’s fixing the Falcon on the fly or putting the pieces of C3pO back together. 
  • Attention to Detail – as a mechanic and a pilot suggest focus and meticulous attention to detail. 
  • Somewhat Introverted – Chewy’s go to word the first time he meets anyone? Rrruuuuurrrr!! A loud and gruffy roar. 
  • Intellectual interests – Chewy is often seen playing games like chess with friends. 


I think these matchup pretty well, and at the end of the day Joe and I as well as Han and Chewy worked through our differences because of loyalty, mutual respect and often humor or banter and common goals. Finding your Dynamic Duo could be a powerful step in your personal or business relationship, and to overcome some potential initial troubles, maybe a tool like Teamprint® can help you find your life long due too. 

If you want to learn more about yourself or with whoever your dynamic duo is, feel free to take a free assessment here:                      app.wendal.com/register 


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