What is the OPI™?

The Optimum Performance Inventory™ (OPI) was developed on a well-known theory of Sport Psychology Performance. However, instead of the field or arena, the questions were written with the business setting in mind. Consequently, the OPI™ measures specific personality traits that will ensure a high level of business performance.
Finishing Number One

Optimum Performance Inventory™

Based on a theory of athletic performance, we applied those concepts to the business setting and have validated an assessment of successful performance called the Optimum Performance Inventory™ (OPI). The OPI™ has 11 different performance dimensions so you can pinpoint exactly where high and low areas of potential performance may exist. These performance areas are:

Performance Applications

Because the above areas have been associated with successful performance, scores on the OPI™ can be used to select or develop candidates for a variety of positions, particularly those in executive-level positions. Jence, applications of the OPI may include: